Italian factory


Italian factory

Multisectorality Multisectorality Lamitek S.r.l. is a specialized company in manufacturing of sheet metal and pipes, and stands out for the professional skills and the quality of the products, which produces mainly for the following areas: • automotive, • equipment and agricultural machinery, • furniture, • prototyping • industrial machinery.

Experience and Technology

The company was founded in June 2002 and has been operational since October 1, 2002 (previously under the name of Teknolam Srl, then as Lamitek Srl), thanks to the experience and professional and human support of His owner Mr. Renato Crescimbeni, whose figure is present and active in the engineering industry for over 20 years. With the help of equipment and professional machinery of great value and a staff with a good level of training, experience and skills as valid and individual skills, the Lamitek Srl has succeeded in creating a dynamic and responsive to the needs customers, focusing on objectives such as: professionalism and timely execution, full and constant collaboration with the customer, value for money.

Careful selection of human resources

To achieve and implement the above targets, Lamitek Srl has focused mainly on the choice of good human resources, everyone with special abilities that allow to pursue a policy of constant improvement and progress, aimed at achieving quality standards of excellence. The operators involved in the production process, laser, punching and welding are all properly trained and regularly attend training courses and further education related to the functions which they were appointed. Likewise, employees assigned to the tasks of the office. The company’s staff currently consists of 37 employees.

Optimization of logistics for a more competitive One of the highlights of Lamitek Srl is the use of a customized management software that allows each department to plan work activities in an organized, clear and semi-automatic way, with a considerable saving of time and costs. This software allows each department manager to monitor the process of production of each detail every time, whenever a Customer places a new order until it is shipped, by isolating the different stages of both internal and external processing, and by constantly monitoring the workflow. All also enables the company you to contain the production costs and therefore be more competitive in the market.

Customer satisfaction Overriding target of Lamitek Srl is to provide its customers with a product of excellent standard of quality, 100% compliant to their demands and with a price that fits inside the medium-high segment of the market. The internal Quality Control, in collaboration with the Purchasing Department, makes a constant monitoring on the performance of suppliers and subcontractors, to offer customers a good product and in the form required. Lamitek Srl know what is important to contact its customers by demonstrating professionalism, commitment, work capacity and human resources, this is what it always has. The Company has the heart to all its customers, with whom it has strengthened its relationship to time, and it is open also to establish new ones with other potential clients interested in his services.

Future Targets The Lamitek Srl is open to new experiences growing ideological, mental and operational. The goals achieved in these years are not a goal but a starting point to achieve new results. The gaze is directed to the future, with the desire to build on what has been acquired so far, with commitment and competence, working day after day with organization and harmony, in order to obtain increasingly significant results.

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    • Laser Cutting
    • Bending
    • Punching
    • Stamping
    • Pipe processing
    • Robotic Welding
    • Manual welding
    • Painting
    • Assembly

    • Prototyping services
    • and equipment design
    • Service equipment
    • Assembly service
    • Service prototyping