Quality certification

logo-tuvUNI EN ISO 9001:2008 In 2006, the Company has obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and has adopted a system of Quality Assurance and Control extension that has the task of monitoring and to monitor the maintenance of quality standards achieved. In 2009, renewed its certification, moving to the new and more complete version EN ISO 9001:2008 and acquiring sophisticated equipment and advanced quality control. This version of the UNI ISO 9001 certifies, with respect to the previous version, the growth and improvement of production in many ways.

logo rina Certification of Welding The company is certified for internal welding processes.

Guarantee of excellent quality standards It is the basis of company policy wish to provide their customers with a product from the excellent standard of quality, environmentally friendly 100% of the required features and with a price that fits inside the medium-high segment of the market. The internal Quality Control, in collaboration with the purchasing department, constantly carries out a monitoring of the services offered by suppliers and contractors to offer customers a good product and in the form required.

Qualification of human resources At the base of corporate strategies is the desire to invest in human resources, that is, on their professional and personal potential. The operators involved in the production process, laser, punching and welding are all properly trained and regularly attend training courses and further education related to the functions which they were appointed. Even the employees assigned to the duties of the office regularly participate in courses and specialization in order to expand and enhance their knowledge and skills.

Technological innovation The Lamitek Srl has recently decided to implement major investments. Earlier this year (2014) has set up a new machine for Laser cutting, which allows to carry out work that the previous machine, still in use, can not do. Thanks to it is now possible to make cuts on materials with thicknesses greater in the field of carpentry media. A further step towards the future, to obtain increasingly significant results.

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